Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tired of those same-old clothes?!

I know for me i get sick of wearing the safe stuff all the time, and i'm not just about to go out and get a new wardrobe every time i do. but what i find helpful is to switch your cute, but annoying clothes with your friends! you might even end up getting some nice outfits!
sometimes you get those aunt-betty presents that just happen to be the ugliest clothes on the planet, for those i think you should give them up for goodwill! don't clutter your closet with a ton of stuff you hate just looking at.

hope it helps!

Teen Christmas ideas?

What in the world are you going to give your teen friend or family member for Christmas this year?! First of all, what's their personality? would they be the type of person to take a gad-gift in a good way, because funny presents are most remembered. Are they heart-felt? maybe print out a picture of you and them put it in a cute picture frame and call it a day! how about just a gift card to their favorite store? I mean, a gift card is better and more thought-out than just some money out of your purse. Are they one of those fashion jukees? than maybe get them the cutest purse, or you could just take them out to the mall and get them the best outfit. So then you are spending time with them now!

What color are they? Yes, color is crucial.
if you get "their color" that raises their chi and you can get a better vibe from them!

Hope it helps. might make another one that's more helpful(: safe shopping! and Merry Christmas.

THE dress.

everyone has that special dress in mind that they've always wanted for prom. mine has always been short, sheik, purple, and flipped up at the end. so when i saw this:
i knew it was pretty much the one i had always wanted.

but for prom or any school dance, get something fun! if you're interested in vintage perhaps check out they can really help you!
and there's so much more. i can't even begin how amazing this webbie is, so check it out!

and hey! if you're really wanting a lot of dresses, but budget's the issue, it might sound kinda weird, but you could just go to your local goodwill and sometimes you can score some lucky buys! there are so many different places you can go to, but you probably don't really want to spend 100s of dollars on clothes. which i don't blame you! i don't either. hence the goodwill idea (:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My life recently

Last week, I started dance. On tuesdays, I do ballet, and on wednesdays I take hiphop! It's so much fun! Dance really keeps you in shape, which a lot of people don't realize. And I can almost do the splits again! which makes me pretty darn happy right there.
So yeah, now my life is a little more exciting!
Also, I am currently making a bag, it'll hopefully be extreamly awsome. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done with it.

Something else that is going on is that I'm in art, and I'm about to do a water color piece on my own. So i'm really excited! I'll post that picture too.

How to

When you're getting ready in the morning, base your look off of something, anything! It can be an animal, color, style, a person, or even a certain food! You could be thinking raspberry:
Or, like I said, an animal. How about we go witha butterfly:
so there's just an idea to spice up your life(:

Fall Fashion 2009(The Fealess New World of Fashion)

STUDS! on belts, bags, dresses, fashion shirts, shoes
purple nail polish-zoya
shirts that are all fluffy in the front(usually silk like material)
big belts over shirts are coming back
bangles-snakeskin, rhinestones, studs, gold tones, brass hardware
goddess sandles
ruffles, dresses, collars, shirts, blouses
*charlotte rouge, forever 21
leggings, tights
natural colors!
big hair
neon colors
shiny hobo purses
poofy sleeves coming back
motorcycle jacket
hot pink lipstick!
butterfly shoulder pads are coming back with a twist.
marie carie
(ideas for purple, which is very popular right now)
(studs! more where that came from)
Fall Fashion 2009
(for those classy lookin people)
Fall Fashion 2009
(colorful for dreamers)
Fall Fashion 2009
(sexy in black)
(motorcycle jacket is so hot right now)
(messy is the new hot) hairstyles coming in from europe say curly! get ahead of the trend!
temperley london pop up.jpg
go to rag-bone! they're truly inspiring!

So what are you going to do this fall? stay plain jane? or are you going to do something extroidonary that will make the world notice how beautiful you are.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

we live

huzzah! for interpretive dancing!
tonight i had pork.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

If Animals Could Talk, I Would Have Noticed Already

So animals don't have a need to talk, so don't think they do just because they do in some movies.
So this summer went by really fast. So if you ever need anything to do, you should deinatly make a tricycle, or find out if animals really talk. I asked my dog, and she just gave me one of those blank stares. Maybe it would work better if you asked a turtle! If you found a turtle, you should name him Steve. Because Steve is the most noble name of them all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

black days of january

My cousin's band. They play some 3doors down, 3 days grace, and metallica, and of course they come up with their own music. They're so good too!
here's a picture:the one in orange is my cousin and he plays the secound guitar and back up singer. So check them out and support them!

This year's school schedule

1.math:lewis history:jones
4.physicaly science:​casatleberry
tell me if we have classes together(:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's almost time for school!

I'm actually really excited about being a sophmore. All I have to say is that people better have gotten better over the summer.
I'm starting to write for the News Week articles for my youth group at church, so if you have any ideas about what we should do, or if you want to ask any questions, go right ahead. Hopefully I do better in school this year, because last year I barley made it. If you can help me with french, that would be most helpful.

Is the best place to get accessories, and they have really great prices!
and plenty more where that came from.

Summer sales up to 70% off! On the cutest styles ever!
Here are some examples of what they have:
Cutest accessories:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Haute and Bothered

Now this show is about striving fashion designers going to school to try and win an internship. Through all of the cat fights and battles, all of the students go through drama. It's such a cute show and I think it's so fabulous! So check it out:)
It's also extremely inspiring to those who are into fashion.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My accomplishment(transformation)

So if you don't know, I used to be the girl in the corner just because I was SO shy. I was also very self conscious about how I looked so I went bold and daring when I got into high school. Now, I am really open and I will go up to anyone and have an awesome conversation with them. No I'm not popular like at all, but I really try to be friendly and nice to everyone. Now I just keep getting bolder and bolder. I finally don't care what people think about me, because I am who I am, and I'm not going to change for anyone. I stive to be someone who anyone can go to for support and answers. Without help from my friends, I never would have been able to come out of my bubble. I feel so much freer(if free-er is a word.) So anyways, I'm basically doing this post to win $100 twords modcloth just because they're that amazing and I love their clothes more than, more than CHOCOLATE!!! Okay, that was a little out there, I don't know if it's that much, but they're pretty far up there. :) thanks guys
I love you<3

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best Hairstyles for Teens

1. How to get shiney hair for life:

With summer setting in, you must have planned all kinds of outdoor activities to take care of your summer weekends. With the glorious sun overhead and the beautiful wind blowing you must be overwhelmed. Please remember that it is summer which can bring the maximum of amount of hair damage. The humidity in the air along with the scorching heat of the sun can make your hair dry with split ends. At times the damage is not repairable.

The following tips may help you in protecting your hair from the summer heat and the windy weather:-

Be careful about the moisture balance. For this you need to moisture your hair every day. Take precautionary measures to evade lifeless and damage hair.

If you are a frequent user of blow drying, do not forget to use the conditioner without a leave. The leave will protect you during the blow drying. If you have a curly hair and you are habituated to use curling equipments frequently, then you have some homework. Do the curling manually and air dry your hair. Alternately you can ponytail or braid your hair when your hair is wet. Thereafter when your hair dries up, it gives your desired shape. It is advised that during summer you air dry your hair.

You also need to be careful when you use hair products for your curly hair. Ensure that those products are silicone free. Silicone leaves back a coating which is harmful for your hair.

If you land up on the beach without a hat, then make use of the sunscreen lotion. This will save your hair from the sun.

If your hair is exposed to sun frequently then you should apply a deep conditioner at the ends and the curly portion of your hair at nights.

Avoid static electricity when you shampoo. Apply a rinse-out-conditioner which appends shine and moisture. Alternately after you towel dry your hair, application of a leave-in conditioner is desirable.

When it is too hot, you can have your hair in braids, bun or a knot.

Taking care of your hair in summer will never give you any anxiety.





2. What's your style?

Are you the type of person that wants to be different, don't care what people think about you, more of the rebel type maybe? Or you've been classified as an "emo" looking person.Well, go for the more crazy wild style. Start out with something like this:

 blonde emo hairstyle cool scene。

Then if you want to go less crazy, I'll go from here to less wild, and a softer look

(the one on the right.)

And of course you don't have to curl the last two or straighten the first three, it's just my suggested look.

3. What products to use:

For sleek, straight, thin but bouncy hair, you obviously have to straighten it. Some of the flat irons I would suggest would be the GHD. It's ceramic, and it really leaves a shine to your hair when you're done. Also with the GHD you can curl your hair and do other textures to your hair because it has rounded edges.

Another flat iron that has really worked well in the past is the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline. This one really gets that extra straight look to your hair. If your hair is already slightly straight, I would not suggest this one for you because if you use it, it would look really deflated.

The last one that I like, and you're probably familiar with is the Chi Ceramic. It also leave a little more shine to your hair, and it straightens it to a beautiful sleek look.

To keep your hair straight through the day full of humidity and running around, it's good to use Straight Sexy Hair hair spray.

Before you even straighten or curl your hair, it's good to put heat protection in first. This will reduce damage from the heat like split ends or fizzy hair. My favorite heat protection spray is the Nexxus Heat Protexx. You can get it at your local Walgreens. Also the Chi Iron spray is good for your hair too. If you can't find these products or can't afford them or both, no need to worry, there are plenty of other products out there that work just about the same. You can just go to your local Ulta store, and you can ask them for assistance in finding things especially made for your type of hair.

Now if you're going to curl your hair, you want to use some type of gel or spray before hand to ensure it staying curly and bouncy all day long. TIGI Catwalk products offers long-lasting curls, so you can check that out.

Some good curling irons are Helen of Troy and just plain 'ol Conair. To get the big, wavy, sexy look, i would say get about an inch and a half.

4. How to do some styles

To get volume on the top of your head, you can tease the crown of your head while spraying hairspry(perferably Big Sexy Hair). You can also take a curling iron and curl the crown of your head. Or you could even use velcro clips just at the crown aswell.

To curl your hair, you take a small clump and put the tip of the clump on the inner most part of the curling iron and curl up and hold it for about 6 secounds. then unclamp it and pull it down.

For more hair tips, you can go to or subscribe to pursebuzz on youtube.^HAIRCARE_STYLING^HAIR417