Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best Hairstyles for Teens

1. How to get shiney hair for life:

With summer setting in, you must have planned all kinds of outdoor activities to take care of your summer weekends. With the glorious sun overhead and the beautiful wind blowing you must be overwhelmed. Please remember that it is summer which can bring the maximum of amount of hair damage. The humidity in the air along with the scorching heat of the sun can make your hair dry with split ends. At times the damage is not repairable.

The following tips may help you in protecting your hair from the summer heat and the windy weather:-

Be careful about the moisture balance. For this you need to moisture your hair every day. Take precautionary measures to evade lifeless and damage hair.

If you are a frequent user of blow drying, do not forget to use the conditioner without a leave. The leave will protect you during the blow drying. If you have a curly hair and you are habituated to use curling equipments frequently, then you have some homework. Do the curling manually and air dry your hair. Alternately you can ponytail or braid your hair when your hair is wet. Thereafter when your hair dries up, it gives your desired shape. It is advised that during summer you air dry your hair.

You also need to be careful when you use hair products for your curly hair. Ensure that those products are silicone free. Silicone leaves back a coating which is harmful for your hair.

If you land up on the beach without a hat, then make use of the sunscreen lotion. This will save your hair from the sun.

If your hair is exposed to sun frequently then you should apply a deep conditioner at the ends and the curly portion of your hair at nights.

Avoid static electricity when you shampoo. Apply a rinse-out-conditioner which appends shine and moisture. Alternately after you towel dry your hair, application of a leave-in conditioner is desirable.

When it is too hot, you can have your hair in braids, bun or a knot.

Taking care of your hair in summer will never give you any anxiety.





2. What's your style?

Are you the type of person that wants to be different, don't care what people think about you, more of the rebel type maybe? Or you've been classified as an "emo" looking person.Well, go for the more crazy wild style. Start out with something like this:

 blonde emo hairstyle cool scene。

Then if you want to go less crazy, I'll go from here to less wild, and a softer look

(the one on the right.)

And of course you don't have to curl the last two or straighten the first three, it's just my suggested look.

3. What products to use:

For sleek, straight, thin but bouncy hair, you obviously have to straighten it. Some of the flat irons I would suggest would be the GHD. It's ceramic, and it really leaves a shine to your hair when you're done. Also with the GHD you can curl your hair and do other textures to your hair because it has rounded edges.

Another flat iron that has really worked well in the past is the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline. This one really gets that extra straight look to your hair. If your hair is already slightly straight, I would not suggest this one for you because if you use it, it would look really deflated.

The last one that I like, and you're probably familiar with is the Chi Ceramic. It also leave a little more shine to your hair, and it straightens it to a beautiful sleek look.

To keep your hair straight through the day full of humidity and running around, it's good to use Straight Sexy Hair hair spray.

Before you even straighten or curl your hair, it's good to put heat protection in first. This will reduce damage from the heat like split ends or fizzy hair. My favorite heat protection spray is the Nexxus Heat Protexx. You can get it at your local Walgreens. Also the Chi Iron spray is good for your hair too. If you can't find these products or can't afford them or both, no need to worry, there are plenty of other products out there that work just about the same. You can just go to your local Ulta store, and you can ask them for assistance in finding things especially made for your type of hair.

Now if you're going to curl your hair, you want to use some type of gel or spray before hand to ensure it staying curly and bouncy all day long. TIGI Catwalk products offers long-lasting curls, so you can check that out.

Some good curling irons are Helen of Troy and just plain 'ol Conair. To get the big, wavy, sexy look, i would say get about an inch and a half.

4. How to do some styles

To get volume on the top of your head, you can tease the crown of your head while spraying hairspry(perferably Big Sexy Hair). You can also take a curling iron and curl the crown of your head. Or you could even use velcro clips just at the crown aswell.

To curl your hair, you take a small clump and put the tip of the clump on the inner most part of the curling iron and curl up and hold it for about 6 secounds. then unclamp it and pull it down.

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