Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teen Christmas ideas?

What in the world are you going to give your teen friend or family member for Christmas this year?! First of all, what's their personality? would they be the type of person to take a gad-gift in a good way, because funny presents are most remembered. Are they heart-felt? maybe print out a picture of you and them put it in a cute picture frame and call it a day! how about just a gift card to their favorite store? I mean, a gift card is better and more thought-out than just some money out of your purse. Are they one of those fashion jukees? than maybe get them the cutest purse, or you could just take them out to the mall and get them the best outfit. So then you are spending time with them now!

What color are they? Yes, color is crucial.
if you get "their color" that raises their chi and you can get a better vibe from them!

Hope it helps. might make another one that's more helpful(: safe shopping! and Merry Christmas.

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