Monday, May 3, 2010

It's been forever!!

First of all, my new youtube channel, oh yahh, gotta love it. i haven't done that many videos at all, but i'll get there eventually!(:
okay, number two...i got a hair cut! like a while ago, but no one knows about on just saying!
oh and i found this weight loss thing, i'm sure tons of you have heard about it, it's the Acai Berry Diet, which is pills that you can take to make you lose weight! I know you're thinking oh. that can't be good for me, that's so unhealthy, bla bla bla...but channel 5 news did a study about it, and i think it sounds pretty legit!
look into it if you want to lose weight! nothing else i can think of that's new.
im goin indie style...buzzzzow!!! yes that's a word.