Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THE dress.

everyone has that special dress in mind that they've always wanted for prom. mine has always been short, sheik, purple, and flipped up at the end. so when i saw this:
i knew it was pretty much the one i had always wanted.

but for prom or any school dance, get something fun! if you're interested in vintage perhaps check out they can really help you!
and there's so much more. i can't even begin how amazing this webbie is, so check it out!

and hey! if you're really wanting a lot of dresses, but budget's the issue, it might sound kinda weird, but you could just go to your local goodwill and sometimes you can score some lucky buys! there are so many different places you can go to, but you probably don't really want to spend 100s of dollars on clothes. which i don't blame you! i don't either. hence the goodwill idea (:

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