Monday, May 3, 2010

It's been forever!!

First of all, my new youtube channel, oh yahh, gotta love it. i haven't done that many videos at all, but i'll get there eventually!(:
okay, number two...i got a hair cut! like a while ago, but no one knows about on just saying!
oh and i found this weight loss thing, i'm sure tons of you have heard about it, it's the Acai Berry Diet, which is pills that you can take to make you lose weight! I know you're thinking oh. that can't be good for me, that's so unhealthy, bla bla bla...but channel 5 news did a study about it, and i think it sounds pretty legit!
look into it if you want to lose weight! nothing else i can think of that's new.
im goin indie style...buzzzzow!!! yes that's a word.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tired of those same-old clothes?!

I know for me i get sick of wearing the safe stuff all the time, and i'm not just about to go out and get a new wardrobe every time i do. but what i find helpful is to switch your cute, but annoying clothes with your friends! you might even end up getting some nice outfits!
sometimes you get those aunt-betty presents that just happen to be the ugliest clothes on the planet, for those i think you should give them up for goodwill! don't clutter your closet with a ton of stuff you hate just looking at.

hope it helps!

Teen Christmas ideas?

What in the world are you going to give your teen friend or family member for Christmas this year?! First of all, what's their personality? would they be the type of person to take a gad-gift in a good way, because funny presents are most remembered. Are they heart-felt? maybe print out a picture of you and them put it in a cute picture frame and call it a day! how about just a gift card to their favorite store? I mean, a gift card is better and more thought-out than just some money out of your purse. Are they one of those fashion jukees? than maybe get them the cutest purse, or you could just take them out to the mall and get them the best outfit. So then you are spending time with them now!

What color are they? Yes, color is crucial.
if you get "their color" that raises their chi and you can get a better vibe from them!

Hope it helps. might make another one that's more helpful(: safe shopping! and Merry Christmas.

THE dress.

everyone has that special dress in mind that they've always wanted for prom. mine has always been short, sheik, purple, and flipped up at the end. so when i saw this:
i knew it was pretty much the one i had always wanted.

but for prom or any school dance, get something fun! if you're interested in vintage perhaps check out they can really help you!
and there's so much more. i can't even begin how amazing this webbie is, so check it out!

and hey! if you're really wanting a lot of dresses, but budget's the issue, it might sound kinda weird, but you could just go to your local goodwill and sometimes you can score some lucky buys! there are so many different places you can go to, but you probably don't really want to spend 100s of dollars on clothes. which i don't blame you! i don't either. hence the goodwill idea (:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My life recently

Last week, I started dance. On tuesdays, I do ballet, and on wednesdays I take hiphop! It's so much fun! Dance really keeps you in shape, which a lot of people don't realize. And I can almost do the splits again! which makes me pretty darn happy right there.
So yeah, now my life is a little more exciting!
Also, I am currently making a bag, it'll hopefully be extreamly awsome. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done with it.

Something else that is going on is that I'm in art, and I'm about to do a water color piece on my own. So i'm really excited! I'll post that picture too.

How to

When you're getting ready in the morning, base your look off of something, anything! It can be an animal, color, style, a person, or even a certain food! You could be thinking raspberry:
Or, like I said, an animal. How about we go witha butterfly:
so there's just an idea to spice up your life(:

Fall Fashion 2009(The Fealess New World of Fashion)

STUDS! on belts, bags, dresses, fashion shirts, shoes
purple nail polish-zoya
shirts that are all fluffy in the front(usually silk like material)
big belts over shirts are coming back
bangles-snakeskin, rhinestones, studs, gold tones, brass hardware
goddess sandles
ruffles, dresses, collars, shirts, blouses
*charlotte rouge, forever 21
leggings, tights
natural colors!
big hair
neon colors
shiny hobo purses
poofy sleeves coming back
motorcycle jacket
hot pink lipstick!
butterfly shoulder pads are coming back with a twist.
marie carie
(ideas for purple, which is very popular right now)
(studs! more where that came from)
Fall Fashion 2009
(for those classy lookin people)
Fall Fashion 2009
(colorful for dreamers)
Fall Fashion 2009
(sexy in black)
(motorcycle jacket is so hot right now)
(messy is the new hot) hairstyles coming in from europe say curly! get ahead of the trend!
temperley london pop up.jpg
go to rag-bone! they're truly inspiring!

So what are you going to do this fall? stay plain jane? or are you going to do something extroidonary that will make the world notice how beautiful you are.