Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fun ways to work out!

Well ladies, it's summer, so how do youshape up without so much work? because what can i say? we're lazy...

1. One option, for sexy fun fitness, there's always the "flrity girl fitness": . I think it looks really fun and i wouldn't mind personally owning it. :) Besides, you get to learn many different things. Get your girlfriends over and you just basically dance and have SO much fun doing it. All you need to do is order one of their DVDs full of songs that I'm sure you know and go from plain jane and not feeling confident about yourself to feeling sexy, lively, and well, fllirty! Here is a Success story from Jan who's been working out with "flirty girl fitness".
"When I'm doing the dances and the workouts, I feel totally sexy. And I wasn't feeling that way before. My confidence level now is through the roof! I feel now, since starting the Flirty Girl program, I can walk into any room and exude that confidence and basically that Flirty Girl attitude anywhere that I go now. It's helped me tremendously with the workout and with my outer life as well."
This product gaurdetees to flatty your abbs and thin up your inner thighs. So whacha waitin for? Order away, it's only $9.99+S&H.

2. If you live in a neighborhood with a pool, or you're one the lucky one's who actually own's one, hello swim! Now I'm sorry, but I just can't teach you how to swim over the internet, because that's embaressment ready to happen. But swimming really works your core, arms, and legs!

3. Okay, if you have a PS2, PS3, Nintindo, Game cube, or whatever else offers DDR, you need to get it. DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) is so much fun! You dance to the songs that you choose by yourself, and sometimes against your friend! While you're having such a great time, you are actually burning off couch potato fat.

4. Oh and if you think you're not too lazy and ready for the heat, here are some ideas:

*Here's a cool free fitness planner that you can get by signing up on lean cuisine. No, you don't have to eat Lean Cuisine, I don't, but it can really help you plan and map out your work-out schedule.
So that's all I can think up right now, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

(Oh, and no I'm not being paid to advertisement for anyone, though I should becuase I think I would be very successful with it.)

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